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Rent and sale of real estate on the beach in Scalea in Italy
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The process of buying a property


Annual spending on the maintenance of property in Scale

Approximate amount of expenses for the maintenance of apartments in Scalea Italy, up to 60 square meters. Given the residence of a family of four in the summer months. Time of holidays.

The municipal property tax is 0.7% of the cadastral value of the property. Approximately 215 euros per year.
Electricity payments.120 euro per year fixed + consumption by meter 0.25 euros per 1 kw. Approximately 200 euros per year.
Payment for water supply. Fixed 40 euros per year + payment on the meter. Approximately 120 euros per year.
Garbage removal. About 100 euros per year.
Payment of condominium. From 150-300 euros per year.
Total: the annual expenses for the maintenance of 2-3 x apartments, taking into account the temporary residence, for non-residents of Italy (foreigners) will be approximately 900-1000 euros per year.

Additional costs when buying real estate in Italy, Scalea.

For non-rizendenta, a foreigner, an apartment bought in Scalea of ​​Italy is automatically considered not the first but the second. (seconda casa) Therefore, there is a tax on the purchase of second housing and is 9% of the cadastral value, which in practice is 2-3 times lower than the market. The notary calculates and retains this tax, with the purchase and sale transactions.

Apartments up to 50-60.000 euros the amount of tax does not exceed 1500 euros.
When buying a house up to 100.000 thousand euros, the amount of tax is 3.000-4.000 euros
When buying inexpensive apartments, less than 50.000 euros, the law establishes a minimum purchase tax rate of 1000 euro plus a mortgage cadastre tax of 100 euros. Total 1100 euros.
The amount of notary fees for the registration of real estate up to 1 million euros is from 1500 to 3500 euros.

Payment of the purchase tax and the notary fee is made by one check in the name of the notary. Thus, for most apartments, worth up to 60,000 euros, the purchase tax and the notary fee will be 3000 euros.

Payment commission to the real estate agency from 3% to 5%, but not less than 2000 euros.

So, when buying an inexpensive apartment in Scalea Italy, for example, for 35.000 euros, your additional costs will be:

a tax on the purchase of 1100 euros, a notary fee of 1400 euros, commission agencies of real estate of 2000 euros. Total = 4500 euros. The cost of an inexpensive apartment with registration is 39500 euros.
When buying a property for 60.000 additional costs will be 5000 euros
When buying a house for 100.000 euros, the total amount of additional costs will be 8000 euros.
New owner

After signing the act of sale and purchase from a notary, you receive the keys to your new real estate and a certificate showing that you are now a full-fledged owner of real estate purchased in Italy. With such a document, you can apply to the Italian Consulate for a visa on the basis of ownership of property on the territory of this state. The original of the notarial deed itself passes state registration in the Cadastral Register, which takes another 35-40 days, without the participation of the buyer. Then you get a copy of the notarial deed with the original registration stamps, as well as an official extract from the Register of Property (visura catastale) - the passport of the real estate .

The process of buying property Scalea

The Italian real estate agency Punto Casa Scalea will help you to buy real estate in Italy for both a physical and a legal entity.

For preliminary information you can find our site, ask questions you are interested in by e-mail or call by phone to our Russian-speaking experts - in Italy mobile +393473782610, WhatsApp +393473782610 Kombarov Ilya

You will need to agree with us the terms of the visit to Italy for viewing real estate and preparing preliminary documents. Further you come independently and at your own expense to us in Scalea Italy on a tourist visa. At your request, we can arrange a transfer at airports in Rome, Naples or Lamezia Terme. Book a hotel for you or pick out the apartment rental.

The minimum period of stay for viewing and selection of real estate objects, preparation of preliminary documents is three days. For our clients, selection of real estate objects, their viewing in Skaleia and its suburbs, as well as providing Russian-speaking attendants - for free!

Registration of documents for the purchase of real estate Scalea

The process of buying property in Italy Calabria.
Under the laws of Italy, Russian citizens can freely acquire Italian real estate. The procedure for buying property in Italy is divided into several stages:

Purchase offer (la proposta di acquisto)
Preliminary contract (il compromesso) In practice, this contract is omitted.
The main contract (il Rogito)
To buy a property in Italy you need:

You can get an Italian CODICE FISCAL., When you arrive in Scalea Italy, at the tax office, near Scalea, in the city of Belvedere. For our customers, this procedure is free and takes a little time. Or you get this INN in Russia, at the Italian consulate in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
Sign an offer to buy a property and pay a deposit (10% of the value of the property). Speak the final terms of sale and purchase. In case of refusal and disruption of the transaction for your fault, the deposit amount is not refundable.
Open an account with an Italian bank. For our customers, this procedure is free. You may need copies of the main page of the Russian passport and a page with data on registration at the place of residence in Russia.
Translate the money into the Italian account to pay for the purchase of the property (net of collateral), to pay for notary services and agency services. To do this, you need to withdraw cash from the ATM (if the transaction amount is up to 60,000 thousand Euro) or transfer money from a Russian bank account to an Italian bank account. The basis for the transfer of funds from Russia to Italy will be a preliminary contract of sale and purchase signed by you and the real estate agency.
Come second time to Scalea for signing the final contract of sale and purchase from a notary., Having agreed in advance terms. Preparation of documents for purchase and sale is a seller's business. The notary checks all the documentation and is the guarantor of the legality of the transaction. The final notarial act you sign in the presence of a notary, a seller, an agency representative, and an interpreter. The services of an interpreter are paid separately.